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2022 MWCEA Board Members

President: Frank Lipshultz, Esq. Maryland State Bar Association
1st Vice President: Matthew J. Peffer, Esq. Maryland Association for Justice, Inc.
2nd Vice President & Program Planning Chair: Edward Goldsmith Maryland Subsequent Injury Fund
Treasurer: Michael H. Daney, Esq. At-Large 2016
Past President: Dr. Lynn Staggs, MD Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland
Honorable R. Karl Aumann Workers' Compensation Commission Chairman
Lissa H. Bales Maryland Chamber of Commerce
Barry Bernstein, Esq. At-Large 2015
Eric Buchner, MD Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland
Matt Drzik At-Large 2017
Shelby Dubato Chesapeake Association of Rehabilitation Professionals in the Private Sector (CARPPS)
Amy Foster, Esq. Workers' Compensation Defense Bar and the Maryland Defense Counsel
Matthew Gordon, Esq. At-Large 2018
J. Michael Harrison, Esq. Uninsured Employers' Fund
Jermaine Jones Metropolitan Baltimore Council AFL-CIO Unions
Brian Katzenberg, Esq. At-Large 2017
Angela Kozlowski, Esq. Baltimore City Bar Association
Lyndsey Meninger, Esq. Chesapeake Employers' Insurance Company
Luz Neighoff Baltimore Claims Association
Eric Schmidt, M.A., CPWIC Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS)
Erin Thorne At-Large 2017
Joseph Zauner, Esq. Maryland Self-Insurers' and Employers' Compensation Association