Ocean City, MD
September 23 - 26, 2018

2017 Conference Information
Sept. 18
Sept. 19
Sept. 20

Ocean City, Maryland    September 17 - 20

Maryland Workers' Compensation Educational Association (MWCEA) Annual Conference

For all of those who do so much for so many, the 2017 MWCEA Conference will offer a program that highlights the superheroes in the Workers' Compensation community.

Learn about working with people from difference generations and perspectives, as our Keynote Speaker discusses a better understanding of the multigenerational nature of the workforce and how to bridge the gaps.

This year's conference will leap into the future with a variety of topics, from defining the evolving boundaries of work, to panel discussions concerning the use of social media.

There will also be informative presentations describing novel approaches to treatment, such as regenerative medicine.

In addition, we will have a group of experts weigh in on the complexities of the brain-injured patient.

We will continue the recently launched pre-reception meeting, one hour prior to the opening reception that is exclusively for claims professionals and attorneys. This will provide the unique opportunity to interact in a congenial and relaxed atmosphere.

Bring your Superhero costumes and be sure to enter or sponsor the Heroes & Villians Costume Contest Tuesday evening, as the Deviations will once again rock out the night at a networking event which promises to be memorable.

Make plans to attend today! We sincerely hope you will enjoy the 2017 Conference!

Keynote Speaker: Decoding the Generations...
Shira Harrington

Shira Harrington is a Human Resources expert who founded Purposeful Hire to pursue her life's passion - helping people and businesses connect for their mutual benefit and work towards the future they deserve.

The American workforce has four divergent generations in today's workplace — employers and employees are constantly dealing with growing gaps in multigenerational perceptions of appropriate workplace behavior.

With so many generations in the workplace, employers and staff face new challenges, including: coping with different work ethics, values, expectations of work-life balance, approaches to teamwork, communication styles, and relationships to authority, just to name a few.

New entrants to the workforce are increasingly accustomed to a global, technology-driven environment, while not-so-techno-savvy Baby Boomers are facing new economic realities and delaying retirement.

Every generation has a contribution to make, when we take the time to be compassionate and understand a situation from different perspectives our work lives are more fulfilling and our company culture becomes stronger.

A volunteer leader in HR communities, Shira has served extensively with Washington DC area groups and remains dedicated to the value of ongoing professional development. She is a woman on a mission to help job seekers too, and her volunteer efforts in the community include working tirelessly to help job seekers come together, learn, and grow in various local groups.

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